Office for Occupational Medicine Beler Medical is registered, in 2008 on the basis of the Certificate № 018-1 23.04.2008 issued by the Ministry of Health. Beler Medical operates as an office for Occupational Medicine in the entire scope regulated by Regulation № 3 of 25.01.2008 for occupational health services issued by the Minister of Health.

  • We organize prophylactic medical examinations and prepare analyzes for the health status of the staff.
  • Prepare a risk assessment conduct trainings on safety and health when handling and trainings for qualification groups for electric safety.
  • Offers labor and legal counseling, training of the Committees on working conditions / groups on working conditions.
  • Safety instructions when operating machinery or equipment;
  • Training of personnel for safe handling through the joint development of instruction and types of programs that they cover.
  • Job descriptions;
  • Development of a physiological regimen of work and rest.
  • Another activity is consultation and preparation of basic model documents describing all the activities that a company must make in connection with the provision of safety, risk and health prevention for employees, regime of work and rest and preparation of labor and legal documents.
  • Preparation of electronic health records of reviewed employees that are kept in a way and time normatively regulated by the Law
This company is listed in the following categories: Health and Medicine, Occupational Medicine service